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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

"Fourth Block"
The 5th International Triennale of Eco Posters and Graphics Art
Kharkov, Ukraine, April 2003

The 5th International Triennale of Eco Posters and Graphics Art be held in Kharkov, Ukraine, from April 26 to May 15, 2003.
Workshops, symposium and master class will be held in Kharkov, April 24-27, 2003.
The inauguration of the triennale will take place on April 26th.

1. Closing Date for entries
15 March 2003

Fourth Block is the name of the Triennale and the festival of Eco art.
It was the 4th Block and the 4th nuclear reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant that exploded on April 26th 1986.


President of the Festival: Oleg Veklenko (Kharkov)
Director of the Festival: Lena Karin (Moscow)

The Kharkov international triennale of ecological posters and graphics "Fourth Block" is held once in three years, starting from 1991. The first exhibition took place five years after the Chernobyl catastrophe and immediately attracted the attention of artists and designers from many countries. As time passed, a number of international design happenings has been added to the exhibition, turning it into a festival of ecological art.

In the recent years the triennale has received wide acknowledgement and become a truly large-scale cultural event. Starting from April 1st a series of youth exhibitions and art happenings will take place in Kharkov and Moscow. At the end of April an anniversary triennale will be held in Kharkov, its theme is "Art The inauguration of the triennale will take place on April 26th.

The aim of the exhibition is to get together the most interesting works of art of ecological trend by artists and designers from all over the world and show them to the public.

In autumn the festival will continue in Moscow, where the works from all three previous triennales, that took place in the past fifteen years, will be demonstrated. There will also be a number of workshops by designers from various countries, and a symposium on the theme of the triennale "Art Organized by:

  • Pro-Obraz" Studio (Moscow)
  • Fourth Block" Museum-Gallery (Kharkov)
  • The Kharkov Branch of the Ukrainian National Artists' Union
  • The Kharkov Branch of the Ukrainian Designers' Union
  • Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts
  • Kharkov Art Museum
  • Kharkov City Gallery
  • "Art d'eco" Shop (Amsterdam)
  • Sensus" Creative Alliance (Kharkov)

The Expert Committee:
The international committee board designers and art historians from Europe, America and Asia, will consider the works, allowed to compete by the selection board.

"Poster", "Graphics", "Printed Illustration", "Computer Graphics".

Impressions made in any copying technique (without passe-partouts or frames). No more than 5 works or 2 series. Size is not defined.

Imprints of posters. No more than 5 works or 2 series. Size is not defined. The printing technique is not defined either.

Printed Illustration
Illustrations printed/printed digitally/offset printing/relief printing. The illustration is to be sent in together with the text (magazine article, part of a novel etc) it was created for.

Computer Graphics
Collage, animation in Flash technology (no longer than 10 seconds), banners reflecting environmental problems.

Grand prix Each nomination has diplomas and special awards.

The contest works are to be dated 2000<2003.
The number of competing works is not defined.
Participation in the contest is free.
The works will not be returned.

After the contest all the competing works go to the collection of "Fourth Block" Museum-Gallery.

The organizers have the right to publish the works in editions relating to the triennale (catalogues, albums, leaflets etc.)

The Catalogue:
According to the results of the exhibition an illustrated catalogue will be printed. All the participants of the triennale will receive one catalogue for free.

The deadline of sending in works: March 15th 2003.

The organizers will not be able to pay the customs fees and receive your works, if the total declared value will exceed the limit of $20 for regular mail and $5 for express delivery (DHL, American Express etc.). Please do not declare the value of your works higher than indicated!

Papers for the Contest: A label (a copy of a label) filled in block capitals is to be attached to each work, in the upper right-hand corner on the back side. Please note that the label is to be attached by means of adhesive tape, not glue.

Every author is to fill in one registration form and send it in together with the work.
Please supply the originals of graphic works and posters with high-quality color photographs (10x15 cm) or with transparencies of your works. If possible, send us a copy of your work in JPEG format ( maximum width/height<500 pixels), via e-mail.

The Exhibition: the works selected for the triennale will be exhibited in Kharkov Art Museum, Artist's House and other exhibition halls of Kharkov.

After taking into consideration these terms, please send us a fax or an e-mail to confirm your participation, with the note "Fourth Block".

To form the collection and the authors' database of the "Fourth Block" Museum-Gallery, we also ask you to supply some personal information (year of birth, education, previous participation in exhibitions, awards, location of works) and your photograph, a leaflet or a catalogue.

LABEL (for each work)
Last Name
First Name
Title of work
Technique, size

(to be attached to the back side of the work in the upper right-hand corner by means of sellotape (not glue!))

Make as many copies as necessary!
A label should be attached to each work that you are sending in.

Our Contact Information:
Phone/fax in Ukraine:+38 (0572) 434525 (Kharkov)
Phone/fax, in Russia:+7 (095) 2028631, +7 (095) 2918512 (Moscow)

To get information about coming to the triennale and accommodation in Kharkov (April 2003) contact:
Anna Shishkova (
Oleg Veklenko (

To get information about coming to the festival and accommodation in Moscow (autumn 2003) contact:
Lena Karin (
Tatiana Grigorieva (

Postal address to send your works to:
Ukraine: Oleg Veklenko, ("4th Block"), 32/186<29, prospekt 50-letiya VLKSM,
Kharkov, 61153 Ukraine.

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