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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

The 3rd International Poster Biennial, Ningbo (CN) 2004
received 2004.06.17 from Jiang Hua

Please see the official web site for more information and downloadable application forms.
See also the Call for entries for the Ningbo Student Competition 2004.

Inaugurated in 1999, the Ningbo International Poster Biennial has hitherto been successfully held twice. The day of Nov. 26th, 2004 is going to greet the 3rd International Poster Biennial, Ningbo and related exhibition series, which will be held again in the beautiful, port city of Ningbo, China. The newly completed Ningbo Museum of Art will be the showplace for current exhibition.

The 1st International Poster Biennial, Ningbo 1999 (International Fashion and Culture Poster Exhibition, 1999) and the 2nd International Poster Biennial, Ningbo 2001 have held successfully. The latter one, which has received almost 2000 posters from 42 nations and regions, has evoked worldwide repercussions. International jury, which was composed of international top-level graphic designers, screened the 315 posters of the highest level; these posters were exhibited successfully in Nov. 5th, 2001, thus attracting attentions of global design teams and designers. Ningbo actually has become the first city holding international poster biennial in China. Thousands of designers and students from all over the world gathered here to exchange their ideas. Having a far-reaching influence throughout the world, it has greatly promoted the development of the international design art and has also provided opportunities for designers to present their talents.

The current international poster biennial will still be strictly operated by the international rules, aiming at providing more chances for international graphic designers to communicate and discuss graphic design, thus promoting quality pursuit and academy spirit of professional design, encouraging the participation and contribution of design in the society, driving attentions from the mass, popularizing high-level graphic design, boosting the fusion of international design concept, urging original poster design , pushing the development of graphic design, and upgrading professional level of graphic design.

The 3rd International Poster Biennial, Ningbo 2004
The 8 Graphic Designers Poster Exhibition, 2004
International Students Design Competition of Ningbo Poster Biennial
Chinese Designers Thematic Poster Invitation Exhibition
International Jury Serial Lectures
"Poster Views" International Design Forum

November 26 - December 10, 2004, Ningbo Museum of Art, Ningbo City, China

The People's Government of Ningbo

Ningbo Museum of Art
Ningbo Education Bureau
Ningbo Graphic Designers Association

Design School in China Academy of Art
Design School in China Central Academy of Fine Arts
Education ministry of Design, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
School of Design of Southern Yangtze University
Cheung Kong Institute of Design, Shantou University
Ningbo City Vocational Technical College
Faculty of Communications and arts Ningbo University
Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University
Art and Artistic Design College, Zhejiang Wanli University
Shanghai Graphic Designers Association
Hong Kong Designers Association
Hong Kong Poster League
Taiwan Poster Design Association
Macao Designers Association
Art Star Department of CCTV
Art and Design Magazine
Package & Design Magazine
Ningbo literature and Arts Association
Ningbo Culture Bureau
Ningbo Exhibition Association
Ningbo TV Station
Ningbo Daily

Counsellor of the committee: Cheng Yuechong
Deputy counsellor of the committee: Chen Jiwu, Chen Guoqiang, Cao Tunyu
Member of the committee: Pan Qin, Jiang Hua, Xu Xiaodong, Shao Liang, Chen Feng, Sun Peiliang, Yu Lijun

Kan Tai-Keung

Bi Xuefeng, Chen Fang, Chen Shaohua, Chen Youjian, Cheng Xiangru, Han Jiaying, Hang Jian, He Jianping, Hon Bing Wah, Stanley Wang , Huang Li, Jiang Qinggong, Kan Tai-Keung, Ko Hungtu , Tommy Li, Lin Jiayang , Apex Lin Pang-song, Freeman Lau Siu hong, Liu Yixiu, Long Zhaoshu, Ma Degang, Ma Jinqiang, Mattritod Victor Hugo, Qian Zhu, Song Xiewei, Sun Qingyi, Tan Ping, Wang Min, Wang Xu, Wang Yuefei, Wu Weiming, Xiao Yong, Yu Bingnan, Zhao Yan

Director of executive committee: Chen Jiwu
Director of executive committee: Pan Qin
Member of the executive committee: Pan Qin, Jiang Hua, Xu Xiaodong, Mei Facha, Shao Liang, Zhang Sen, Chen Feng, Wang Binggeng, Hu Chenming, Luo Jianjun, He Zhenbiao, Zhao Lei, Fan Wei, Ye Changchun, Zhang Haijun, Xu Keji, Zhu Zhiyong, Yang Lin

A. Thematic poster: TYPOGRAPHY
B. Cultural poster
C. Political posters
D. Commercial posters

The current thematic poster must be created by typography for The Ningbo 3rd International Poster Biennial. Its theme, character, content and style are free. But the logo "poster biennial" must be presented in the poster as credit. The logo has horizontal and vertical types for choosing. Download the logo in Official Website:


1. All posters must be designed after 2000.
2. The number of submission should be no more than 5, serial works is regarded as one piece of works.
3. Each work in duplicate. (Welcome to add a piece of poster work to sponsor this program, please mark it in the back-tag.)
4. No limit for the size of the work. Mounting is not required.
5. All submitted posters must be finished works of offset or silk-screen printing. Single printed copies (ink-jet, plotter) do not qualify for all categories.
6. The participants are required to fill in an label in block letters or type-written. A copy of the label must be fixed with adhesive tape to the low-right corner on the back of each poster.
7. Each entry form must be in duplicate and be enclosed in a sealed envelope along with the posters. The participants are requested to fill in an entry form in block letters or type-written. The entry form must be signed by the partic ipant.
8. For works in digital file. Along with the hard copy, please send document in digital file recorded on CD-ROM. File Technical Specification: A4 size, 350 dpi precision, file type: only accept TIFF(CMYK images) format.
9. The works should be packed in a safe and practical manner to avoid any damage during transport.

1. There's no limit of age, nation and career for the entrance.
2. The international jury has the absolute right to screen the posters.
3. The organizers reserve the right to refuse entries they consider morally, politically or religiously offensive, as well as work that is considered in contravention of the rules.
4. All the posters selected by the jury for the competitive exhibition become the property of the Organizers. All the posters are not returnable.
5. The participants selected to the competitive exhibition will get 50% discount on purchase of one copy of the 3rd International Poster Biennial, Ningbo 2004 catalogue, which can be requested by mail. The addresser should pay postage.
6. The organizer will not undertake any customs clearance. The organizer will not take responsible for the delay of entries in transit. The posters must be sent as printed matter of a non-commercial value statement. Please do not include the price of your submission on the postal declaration or invoice, as it complicates the delivery procedure: the organizers will not undertake any customs formalities.
7. The organizer has the right to modify the category of the submitted posters.

September 15, 2004 "Subject to the receiving date"

Kenya Hara (Japan)
Uwe Loesch (Germany)
Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy)
David Tartakover (Israel)
Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland)
Edwin Vollebergh (Holland)
Wang Xu (China)
Stanley Wong (Hong Kong)

1 Grand Prix
2 Gold Prizes (one from thematic poster: Typography)
3 Silver Prizes
5 Bronze Prizes
12 Excellence Awards
8 Special Prizes selected by each International Jury
1 Mayor Prize

The entry posters must be designed by entrant. If the work has the intellective right or copyright dispute, the organizer will cancel the qualification of the entry right. The entrant must undertake all the consequences. The entrant should ensure the organizer not to generate any copyright or other intellective right dispute for the use of the posters. The organizer has the right to exhibit, publish (including digital publish) and show the selected posters.

The materials should be sent to:
Ningbo International Poster Biennale Secretariat
B-901, Dashidai Bldg., 105 Renmin Rd., Ningbo, China, 315021

Tel: +86 574 87353889 56269353 56269363
Fax: +86 574 56269373 87355400

Official Website:

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