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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

World Award of Monotheistic Religions - First International Poster Competition, Tehran 2006
received 2006.06.13 from Seyed Mohsen Hashemi, Exectuive Manager

Please see the official web site for more information and downloadable application forms.

1. Objective:
The First International Poster Competition is being organized by the Cultural-Art Organization of Tehran Municipality with the objective of emphasizing art's rich capabilities for the expression of religious ideas and teachings.

2. Artworks Subjects and Terms of Submission:

  • Each artist may enter up to three artworks.
  • Artworks dimensions: 120 84 cm, with vertical orientation.
  • There is no limitation on the execution techniques.
  • All artworks must be of innovative and creative nature and should be dated and carry the phrase "Monotheistic Religions Poster Competition 2006." Printed posters by offset, silkscreen or digital print are accepted.
  • Each artwork must be submitted along with a short introduction of the artist and a digital image of the artwork in Tif format in A4 dimensions on CD with a minimum of 350 dpi. A label form (attached herewith) should be filled in for each artwork and be pasted with adhesive tape on the upper left corner on the backside of the artwork. Posters glued on a hard base or framed are not acceptable. Posters must be dispatched for "Cultural purpose" without indication of any price. The package should be dispatched prepaid to the following address:
    Mohammad Mahdi Asgarpour, Competition Secreteray
    Imam Ali Religious Arts Museum
    No. 35, Esfandiar Street, Valiye Asr Avenue, Tehran, 1967917951 Iran
    Tel: +98 21 22024849
    Fax: +98 21 22027700

  • The submitted artworks and CDs will not be returned.
  • Acceptable subjects are:
    - Expression of religious ideas and teachings
    - Pictorial depiction of lives of religions leaders
    - Prayers
    - Peace and reconciliation

    3. Selection of Artworks:

  • A selection committee, comprising Aydin Aghdashloo, Ebrahim Haghighi, Mohammad Hossein Halimi, Hossein Khosrojerdi and Farshid Mesghali, will examine the submitted artworks and select a maximum of 40 works for the exhibition. Artworks that are incompatible with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran will not be accepted for the competition.
  • One artwork from each artist may be selected for the exhibition. The selection committee's decisions are final and indisputable.
  • All artists, whose works are selected for the exhibition, will receive a certificate of participation together with a $ 1000 cash prize.
  • Artworks should be dispatched in proper packing to safeguard them against damages. Responsibility for any damages inflected on the artworks during shipment rests with the participants.
  • The secretariat is entitled to enter the selected artworks in exhibitions held in Iran and other countries.

    4. The Jury:

  • A jury, comprising graphic designers, art professors and artists, will evaluate independently artworks selected for the exhibition and will award the following prizes: Grand Prize: Diploma of Honor, World Award Statuette and a $ 15,000 cash prize.
    Second prize: Diploma of Honor, World Award Statuette and a $ 10,000 cash prize.
    Third prize: Diploma of Honor, World Award Statuette and a $ 5,000 cash prize.
    Special Prize of Imam Ali Museum: Diploma of Honor, Museum Statuette and a $ 10,000 cash prize.

    5. The Exhibition:

  • The exhibition of the selected artworks will be held at Imam Ali Religious Arts Museum from December 24, 2006 (Christmas Eve) to January 4, 2007. It will also be posted on an internet site.
  • The competition secretariat, while honoring the intellectual rights of the artists, reserves for itself the right to use the artworks and the artists' names for media, cultural and non-commercial purposes.
  • The selected artworks accompanied with short biographies of the artists will be introduced in a catalogue. A copy of the catalogue will be dispatched for each artist.
  • The secretariat will cover travel expenses, including accommodations for the principal prize-winners for five days during the exhibition period.

    6. The Dates:

  • Competition announcement and call for artworks: April 6, 2006
  • Deadline for submission of artworks (date of mailing the works): September 30, 2006.
  • Announcement of list of selected works: November 25, 2006.
  • Announcement of award winners and exhibition inauguration: December 24, 2006

    7. The competition secretary
    reserves the right to rule on cases not foreseen by the present regulations or any ambiguity arising from them.

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