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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

Lahti Poster Triennial, 19. International Poster Exhibition in Finland 2014
Received from Kari Savolainen and Maija-Riitta Kallio. Please see the original web site for more information.


Poster Museum Lahti
Poster Friends Association
Grafia, Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland

The competition committee for selecting the exhibited works.
Pekka Loiri, graphic designer, chairman
Antero Jokinen, graphic designer
Esa Ojala, graphic designer
Kari Piippo, graphic designer, AGI
Antti Raudaskoski, graphic designer
Teemu Suviala, graphic designer

13 June - 28 September 2014
Poster Museum/Lahti Art Museum
Vesijärvenkatu 11 A, 15140 Lahti, Finland


A Cultural posters, social and commercial posters
B Environmental posters (Tarasti prize)

All posters must be designed after 1 January 2011.
Minimum size for posters accepted for the exhibition 60 x 42 cm
Maximum size for posters accepted for the exhibition 180 x 120 cm

An artist or a group of artists may submit a maximum of 2 posters in digital form to the web address The size of the poster documents shall be A4 , RGB model, resolution 300 dpi. The files will be received in JGP format in the web address , in which the participants fill a form containing the name(s), date(s) of birth and contact information of the designer(s), the dimensions of the posters (height x width, cm), category, year of design, client, poster titles and their translations in English.

The competition committee will choose the posters to be exhibited from among the digital poster documents, which will be sent as paper versions to Lahti Art Museum, address Lahden kaupunginmuseon kokoelmakeskus. Sopenkorvenkatu 9, 15800 Lahti, Finland or to P.O.Box 113, 15111 Lahti, Finland by 28 February 2014. The material will be submitted to the archives of Poster Museum. The titles of all posters shall be translated into English.

The exhibition catalogue costs 40 € when ordered in advance and 50 € after May 2014.

The submitted posters shall be sent in digital form to the web address no later than 30 November 2013.

The posters to be exhibited will be selected by the organizing committee. The prize winning posters will be selected by an international jury.

Ulla Aartomaa, curator, Finland
Jianping He, graphic designer, Germany/China, AGI
Radovan Jenko, graphic designer, Slovenia
Anette Lenz, graphic designer, France/Germany, AGI
Shin Matsunaga, graphic designer, Japan, AGI

Prizes will be awarded to posters meeting high requirements with regard to creativity, originality, aesthetic quality and communicative function.

Grand Prix 3 500 €
First prize, Grafia Tapani Aartomaa Prix 3 000 €
Second prize, Lahti Prix 1 700 €
The Lauri Tarasti prize 3 000 €
Certificates of honour

The jury may also grant other prizes.

1. Posters accepted for category A must have already been published. The print technique of the posters accepted for the exhibition can be freely selected in both categories.

2. The entry form shall be filled carefully and sent together with the poster images to the web address

3. The information given in the form will be used in the catalogue of Lahti Poster Triennial. The organizers are not responsible for information supplied by the sender in the entry form.

4. The organizers are entitled to stage exhibitions of the submitted entries in Finland and elsewhere. The organizers are entitled to reproduce submitted posters for information and publication purposes, for educational purposes and marketing without payment. The organizers are entitled to reproduce submitted works for the exhibition catalogue, in other printed matter and in digital form and to distribute them to the public via internet and other information networks.

5. The participants will be informed of approval for the exhibition by February 2014. The posters accepted for the exhibition shall be sent as paper versions to Lahti Art Museum, address Lahden kaupunginmuseon kokoelmakeskus, Sopenkorvenkatu 9, 15800 Lahti or P.O.Box 113, 15111 Lahti, Finland by 28 February 2014. Please provide the packages with the label: Printed matter, no commercial value. The posters shall be packaged carefully. The organizers take no responsibility for damage during transport.

6. The posters and image material will not be returned. They remain in the collections of Poster Museum.

7. The posters accepted for the exhibition must not be framed or mounted.

8. The accepted participant shall pay all shipping and potential insurance costs to Lahden kaupunginmuseon kokoelmakeskus.

9. The results will be made public and the prizes and awards will be distributed at the opening ceremony on Thursday 12 June 2014 at 5 p.m.

10. All designers submitting entries for the biennial are heartily welcome to the opening of the exhibition.

Further information is available at Poster Museum/Lahti Art Museum
P.O.Box 113, 15111 Lahti, Finland
Kari Savolainen +358 44 4163598
Maija-Riitta Kallio +358 50 5184593


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