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PROTEST POSTER - Call for entries

Solidarity Poster for Palestine, 2017
Received from Raouf Karray

Solidarity Poster

A poster in Solidarity with the 1500 Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli prisons on hunger strike since April 17, 2017.

Our sole way to fight is to write graphically and to say loud and clear that the World belongs to all of us and that any form of injustice is to be Fought.

The least we can do, each and every one of us, is to design, create a poster as a sign of solidarity and to show support to the just cause of the Palestinian people.

I you endorse this idea, if you are willing to stand with the ideals that unite us all, please send me your poster via the email provided below. I also intend to create a Facebook page where all posters sent will be shared as a sign of Solidarity that will reach people beyond all borders.

Mohamed GUIGA
graphic artist
University Professor of Graphic Design
Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Tunis
Raouf Karray

Version francaise et arabe

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