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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

18. International Poster Biennale in Warsaw 2002
( Unofficial abstract from the registration form I got on paper, please get the full version from the organizers )

Deadline for entries: December 31, 2001
Exhibition: 08 June - 22 September 2002
Venue: The Poster Museum at Wilanow, Poland
10/16 St.Kostki Potockiego street
02-958 Warsawa
Tel: 48-22 858 24 37
Fax: 48-22 842 26 06


Number of submissions: every participant may submit a total of 3 posters of 2000 - 2001 (each one in 2 copies)

Size: longer edge less than 180 cm, shorter edge no less than 50 cm

The international jury: Andrey Logvin (RU), Frieder Mellinghoff (DE), Peret (ES), Wladyslaw Pluta (PL), David Tartakover (IL)

Prizes: Gold Medal: 10 000 Zlotys; Silver Medal: 6 000 Zlotys; Bronze Medal: 4 000 Zlotys, Golden Debut : 5 000 Zlotys

Final obligation: All the posters qualified for the competitive exhibition become
the property of the Poster Museum at Wilanow. The organisers have the right to
photograph and reprint the works for publicity and promotion of IPB.

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