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News: A tribute to Andre Francois
February 13 and new version February 16, 2003, received from Guy Schockaert

Andre Francois (1974)

Poster by Andre Francois for the Chaumont Festival 1996
En français:
André Farkas, dit André François est un artiste illustrateur mondialement reconnu. Début décembre 2002 son atelier a été ravagé par le feu et le travail de sa vie entièrement détruit. Après avoir passé une semaine à l’hôpital il est rentré chez lui, évidemment très affecté. Cette nouvelle nous touche tous. André François est né en 1915 à Timisoara (alors hongroise), maintenant roumaine. À cause de son immense influence, un certain nombre d’amis dont Milton Glaser, ont eu l’idée de lui transmettre un message personnel, et Laetitia Wolff, rédactrice en chef de «Graphis», a accepté de soutenir l’initiative.

Vous êtes tous invités à envoyer vos messages, dessins même très personnels, pour le 17 février 2003 à “The Illustrators’ Partnership of America” qui a ouvert un forum spécial sur son site à cette intention (pour poster vos participations vous devez d’abord vous inscrire gratuitement pour avoir accès à l’espace particulier du site). Toutes les participations seront envoyées à André François, certaine peut-être publiées dans un dossier spécial dans «Graphis». Rien ne peut rendre à André François cette terrible perte, mais nous pensons que cet hommage, rendu par ses amis et admirateurs, lui donnera force et courage. Il est possible aussi de faire parvenir vos fichiers à graphier qui transmettra

In english, new version:
Andre Francois, the great graphic artist and painter has suffered a terrible loss. Just before Christmas [around the 12 December] there was a fire in his studio which consumed most of his life's work. After a week in the hospital, he is home now, but tired, and all future exhibitions have been canceled. Needless to say, this is heartbreaking news, and in one way or another it affects all of us who have been affected by Andre's life, work and career.

Andre Francois was born In Hungary In 1915. He began working on the early forties as a cartoonist. In 1962, he was "placed in charge of covers for The New Yorker", and did upwards of 50 New Yorker covers himself. His career has spanned the fields of graphic design, illustration, stage setting and painting. He has authored and illustrated many celebrated children's books.

Because of his immense influence on our field, we have proposed to Graphis magazine that they publish a tribute to this remarkable artist from his many friends and colleagues around the world. And we're happy to say that Martin Pedersen and Laetitia Wolff, editor-in-chief of Graphis, have pledged their wholehearted support of the project.

Several artists have already written letters to Andre or tributes to his work. The Illustrators' Partnership of America has posted these on an open forum on their web site
This "Tribute to Andre Francois" forum is open to members of the IPA and non-members alike who wish to post their letters. You need only log on to participate.

Those wishing to send handwritten letters or drawings instead may send them to the address listed below for forwarding to Mr. Francois.

Please join us by writing a letter to Andre telling him how You¹ve been influenced, inspired or otherwise affected by his work and his life. Don¹t hesitate to make your letter direct and personal. Feel free to consult the letters which have already been posted. And, so that this tribute can be effective by being timely, please have your letters sent or posted by February 24.

When we have collected them, we'll forward them to Andre and copy them to Graphis to consider for publication-along with a portfolio of Andre's work. There's nothing we can do to restore Andre's loss, but we think this would be a meaningful way for his friends and colleagues to pay tribute to the rich contribution of this great artist.

Milton Glaser
Steven Heller
Brad Holland

New Deadline: February 24, 2003

You may reply to this email directly or post letters by following this link:

Or you may mail letter and drawings to: The Illustrators' Partnership of America/845 Moraine Street/Marshfield, MA 02050.

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