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News: WORLDTOP 2003: All Chaumont - Concours Posters Shown In Holland
September 24, 2003, received from Frans van Lier

All 131 posters from the Concours International 2003 in Chaumont will be shown in the Affichemuseum in Hoorn, Holland, from 4 october - 1 december. The exhibition, called Worldtop 2003, will be opened 3 october at 16.00 hours by Anthon Beeke.

The Affichemuseum (Dutch Poster Museum) was opened 15 may 2003 with the exhibition 'Driving and being driven - posters from 1875 till now' on all transport on wheels: cars, bicycles, motorbikes, trains, trams and coaches.

The museum is located in the historical heart of old Zuiderzee-town Hoorn in a stately 18th century monument. Picture: shot of the interior.

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