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News: Mexican Young Graphic Poster Design Exhibition in Madrid
January 25, 2004, received from Eric Olivares, Visual Arts Coordinator, Istituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona (ES)

Exhibition poster by Eric Olivares
“Abranla, que lleva bala!” (Move away, they’re shooting!)

During the Design Year Barcelona 2003 the mexican graphic designer Eric Olivares Lira, the Istituto Europeo di Design, and the FAD / Decorative Arts Encouragement organized the young graphic design exhibition Abranla, que lleva bala! (Move away, they’re shooting!) which was shown in Barcelona, Spain.

The traveling poster exhibition has now moved to Madrid, Spain, and was opened on January 15, 2004, at the Casa de America, where it will be shown in the amphitheater until February 20, 2004.

The theme, a reflection about “Mexico, it's future and the design”, asks for a social-anthropological vision of young mexican graphic designers about their country. This exhibition is not necessarily the “top ten” or “best” mexican grahic design, but resulted from a contest. The posters were selected by an international jury: Felix Beltran (Cuba-Mexico), Yves Zimmermann (Switzerland), Peret (Spain) and Enric Satue (Spain).

Please see the also the official web page of the exhibition.

This contest will be organized in a different country every year, in 2004 for young argentinian designers with the theme: “God is Argentinian”. Call for entries:

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