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News: Exhibition of Jan Bons's Apples at the Affichemuseum in Hoorn (NL)
March 3, 2004, received from Frans van Lier

For the exhibition De Appels van Jan Bons (Jan Bons's Apples) his son Jeroen Bons, designer also, made the publicity poster. The poster is printed in the A0 and A3 format for exposure in Amsterdam and North Holland.

The exhibition is to be seen in the Affichemuseum in Hoorn (NL) from 12 march till 30 may. All posters Jan Bons made for De Appel theatre company are featured in the catalogue that appears in a Dutch and an English version and is also designed by Jeroen Bons. It can be ordered through (19.75 euros plus dispatching costs).

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Happy Days, by Jan Bons Spinoza, by Jan Bons Exhibition poster by Jeroen Bons

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