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News: Andrey Logvin turns 40 on 2004.04.04 and wins a prize in Mons
received April 5, 2004, from Sergei Serov

Cover of Andrey Logvin's birthday book
On his birthday, Andrey Logvin from Moscow was presented a book made by his many graphic designer friends, containing their Happy Birthday cards. You can see all of them (more than a hundred) on his visual diary on his web site

Andrey Logvin is well known for his keen eye for all the pictures and graphic elements you find in the streets, and in his diary, you find a new entry with his visual bounty almost every day.

After browsing through a few of the pages, I was so fascinated that I looked at all of them, back to May 2003 when he started, and found on his March 23, 2004 entry that he was awarded the special price of the city of Mons (BE) for his poster against torture in the 9th Triennale of Political Posters.

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