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News: SOCIOGRAPHICS, Student exhibition in Boston
received April 4, 2004, from Chaz Maviyane-Davies

Poster by Ben Pieratt, a graphic design senior at MassArt.


An exhibition of posters celebrating commonsense and social responsibility by the students of Massachusetts College of Art.

April 12 -16th, 2004
9:00am - 5:00pm
Doric Hall, State House, Boston, MA

The work included in this exhibition was created by current students who have taken the Poster Design elective in the Communication Design Department.

This is a junior/senior course that develops creativity and graphic design skills, focusing on the posterís utilitarian goal. The course emphasizes conceptual, visual and technical aspects of the medium, its history and impact on society, emphasizing persuasive communication and education.

Our objectives are to explore and expand the basics of visual language, enabling the student to create powerful visual statements. Students are encouraged to explore different media and techniques used in both art and design, blending type and image, and to resolve the conflict that sometimes arises between clear communication and artistic expression.

Assignments include posters for social and cultural issues. This exhibition explores themes in the realm of social responsibility: tolerance, diversity, getting out the vote, international treaties and sustainable energy.

These posters are intended to raise awareness, to call to action, to enlighten, to promote, and to inform. Like all art, socio-political posters stir emotions and invite reflection. They can deepen compassion and commitment, ignite outrage, elicit laughter, and provoke action. And they transmit and promote the ideals and hopes of millions who have dared to raise their voices in protest or concern. Socio-political posters continue to empower and propel movements for social change.

Chaz Maviyane-Davies
Associate Professor of Design
Communication Department
Massachusetts College of Art

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