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News: Two movie posters from Singapore
received March 2, 2004, from Klaus Pfister

Singapore is an economic super power, a very beautiful and modern city, and a blank spot on my poster world map: Unfortunately, I know very little about posters or poster designers from Singapore.

When my old friend Klaus Pfister brought back the still life at left that caught his eye during a trip to the "Little India" quarter of Singapore, I was overjoyed.

Reading the fine print on his picture revealed that it is a movie poster and shows the famous Tamil singer, actor, director and film producer Kamal Hasan.

Knowing how much my russian friend Andrey Logvin likes real life, I could'nt resist using the picture to make a birthday card for him, which he promptly put on his visual diary, where you can now see the poster in more detail.

Maybe somebody in Singapore can help me find more of these treasures?

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