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News: A scandal at the Cervantino Festival in Mexico
received April 22, 2004, from Lourdes Almeida

Winning and promptly forbidden festival poster
by Lourdes and Luis Almeida
The annual Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato (MX), to honour the spanish author Miguel Cervantes, is the most important theater festival and artistic event in Mexico, and possibly in all of Latin America.

A total of 435 posters were entered in the competition for the official festival poster, from which the jury (Martha Leon, Gloria Maldonado Anso, Rene Azcuy, Eduardo Tellez, Alejandro Magallanes, Xavier Bermudez and Federico Ramos Sanchez) selected by unanimous decision the entry from Lourdes and Luis Almeida for the first prize of $50,000.00 pesos and an all inclusive three day stay at the festival.

However, read what Lourdes Almeida just e-mailed:

Rene: we are sending you our latest work. We won the Cervantino International Festival contest for the poster. Now it became the most popular discussion in the last days, the government of the State of Guanajuato, where the Festival occurs, don't want it and they forbid its publication. On the other side the young communities and the graphic designers, also another part of the liberal society agree with it. We are sending it to you to share our victory.

Lourdes y Luis Almeida

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