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News: Lech Majewski - designs, posters, sketches
received from Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu, ul. Hoza 40, Warsaw (PL)

Mois du Graphisme d'Echirolles
This year's International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Poland, opens on June 3 at 1800 with a personal exhibition of Lech Majewski at the Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu, one of the top addresses for posters, original graphics and contemporary art in Warsaw.

Lech Majewski, born in 1947, a student of Henryk Tomaszewski, runs his own graphic design studio in Warsaw and has been chairman of the organizing committee of the Biennale for many years.

2003, Festival dei popoli

2004, Jewish culture festival

Garderobiany, theater poster


Lech Majewski, posters and books

Polish book exhibition in Moscow

Luz de Oriente, the art of Jerzy Novosielski, exhibition poster

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