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News: Exhibition of ship posters at the Affichemuseum in Hoorn (NL)
June 17, 2004, received from Frans van Lier

Exhibition poster by Lex Reitsma en français

This summer the Dutch Affichemuseum in Hoorn (45 km north of Amsterdam) shows more than 120 maritime posters by Dutch and international designers between 1868 and now.

The publicity-poster has been made by Lex Reitsma, one of the most prominent contemporary Dutch postersdesigners, especially known for his spectacular posters for De Nederlandse Opera (Dutch Opera Theatre). The poster has been printed in A0- and A3-sizes by MullerVisual Communications in Amsterdam, poster-specialists.

The exhibition shows classical and more modern posters for freight- and passenger cruises. The oldest one is from 1868: only typography for 'Cheap Excursions to the Continent, Rotterdam and Antwerp'. The most recent one is by French designer Razzia ( for the visit of the brandnew Queen Mary 2 to Cherbourg, 14 Arpil 2004; postersize 176 x 120 cm.

Furthermore at the Hoorn exhibition: five Cassandres (Statendam, L'Atlantique, Normandie, Cote d'Azur, Continent via Harwich), also Jean Walther, Emm. Gaillard, Shepard, Shoesmith and the famous Dutch designers Willem Gispen, Wim ten Broek, Johann von Stein, Bart van der Leck, Adriaan van 't Hoff, Willy Sluiter, Jan Sluyters, Reyn Dirksen, Eppo Doeve.

The exhibition 'Schoon schip' (a wordplay meaning in Dutch 'beautiful ship' and also 'a clearout') is from 11 June till 26 September, daily (not Mondays) 11 - 17 hrs, Sundays 12-17 hrs.

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Adriaan van 't Hoff, Holland-Amerika Lijn, 1928

Johann von Stein, Rotterdamsche Lloyd, 1930
Reyn Dirksen, Statendam, 1956

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