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News: Posters for the Warsaw Uprising 1944
July 31, 2004, received from Wieslaw Grzegorczyk

Today is the 60. anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising against the german occupation in World War 2, during which more than 250 ' 000 people were killed and the city was largely destroyed. Some posters made by the insurgents have survived, among them the famous "Call to Arms!" (Do Broni!) by Mieczyslaw Jurgielewicz. A year before, in 1943, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which also failed, extinguished the lives of the jewish population of Warsaw, which was about 375 ' 000 before the war.

Wieslaw Grzegorczyk from Rzeszow (PL), sent me two of his posters that he made some time ago in memory of the Warsaw Uprising:

More posters on this theme will be shown in Krzysztof Dydo's upcoming exhibition "Gegen das Vergessen und fuer den Frieden", opening on September 1, 2004 at the Polish Institute in Berlin.

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