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August 25, 2004, received from Eric Olivares

Poster by Daniel Roldan
Poster by Daniel Roldan
Inauguration: August 24, 2004
Place: International FORUM of the Cultures, Barcelona (ES) / Conventions Center / R-122

Various recognized professionals of visual comnunication from Spain and Iberoamerica were invited to design posters about cultural rights. This topic represents a real political challenge for the future of everybody, and many sectors don´t sufficiently recognize it's importance, or encourage points of view to get the rich social imagery of the cultural problematic.

The International Congress about Cultural Rights and Development was organized by FORUM Barcelona 2004, the InterArts Fundation, UNESCO , the General Direction of Cultural and Scientific Relations of Spain, and the AECI/Spanish Agency of International Cooperation show this poster exhibition. This collection will be shown in November 2004 in Rosario, Argentina, during the 3. International Language Congress, and in 2005 will travel to various cultural centers in more than 20 Iberoamerican cities.

The designers and Illustrators are:
Ricardo Assis / Brazil
Hoa Bihn Melgar / Cuba
Pep Carrio & Sonia Sanchez / Spain
Jose María Cruz Novillo / Spain
Ruben Fontana & Zalma Halluf / Argentina
Francisco Galvez Pizarro / Chile
Pepe Gimeno / Spain
Juan Heilborn / Paraguay
Pablo Martín / Spain
Pepe Menendez / Cuba
Eric Olivares / Mexico
Nelson Ponce / Cuba
Lalo Quintana / Argentina
Daniel Roldan / Argentina
Hermenegildo Sabat / Argentina
America Sanchez / Argentina
Antonio Serrano / Spain

Curators: Norberto Chaves (Argentina) and Alvaro Sobrino (Spain).

poster by Eric Olivares
Poster by Eric Olivares
poster by Pep Carrio and Sonia Sanchez
Poster by Pep Carrio and Sonia Sanchez
poster by Ruben Fontana
Poster by Ruben Fontana
poster by Pepe Gimeno
Poster by Pepe Gimeno

poster exhibition
Conventions Center FORUM in Barcelona
Conventions Center FORUM in Barcelona

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