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News: Winners of the Golden Bee 6
September 9, 2004

Jury Protocol of Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design Golden Bee 6

Moscow, Central Artists Hall, September 7-9, 2004

International Jury Members:
Eugeny Dobrovinsky (Russia), Daniela Haufe and Detlef Fiedler (Cyan, Germany), Werner Jeker, Chairman (Switzerland), Phil Risbeck (USA), Oleg Veklenko (Ukraine)

Golden Bee Laureates

Golden Bee Grand Prix
Tartakover David (Israel)

Golden Bee Awards

Apeloig Philippe (France) “Live with us/live without us” 2000
Gulitov Yuri (Russia) «Pliazhnye kartinki», 2001
Zask Catherine (France) “The Three sisters” 2003
Le Quernec Alain (France) “Bush Boushit” 2003
Loesch Uwe (Germany) “You are not out of the game” 2003
Logvin Andrey (Russia) “NUL” 2001 (?????)
Matsunaga Shin (Japan) “Play together with details” 2001
Miller Abbot (USA) “Mr. Miller: twice removed” 2004
Paris-Clavel Gerard (France) “No purchase, no happiness” 2002
Sonnoli Leonardo (Italy) “You turn” 2000
Surkov Yuri (Russia) “Coexistence” 2003
Troxler Niklaus (Switzerland) “Kenny Waeeler Qwartet” 2003
Hong Sung-il (South Korea) “Keimyung Graphic Design Exhibition", 2002
Chen Jun-Lian (China) Series of works “In nothingness things exist”, “In every existence, there is nothing”, 2002
Scher Paula (USA) “As you like it” 2003
Schraivogel Ralph (Switzerland) “Flea market Aaberg” 2003

Hasting Julia, Phaidon Press (USA) First Award
Sagmeister Stefan(USA)
Kavko Dmitry (Russia)
Korneev Eugeny (Russia)
Chaika Vladimir (Russia) Scher Paula (USA)
Schmid Helmut (Germany)

Student Design
No awards

Gritsenko Olga (Russia)
Khamdohova Irina (Russia)

(News from Sergei Serov)

David Tartakover's posters
are on the right in the Golden Bee catalogue. See more winning posters on Poster Page.

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