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News: Thesis on mexican political posters by Jose Manuel Morelos
December 12, 2004

Jose Manuel Morelos, a graphic designer and researcher at the University of Veracruz in Xalapa, Mexico, showed me an inkjet version of his thesis entitled "30 anos de cartel politico en Mexico 1966 - 1996" which will be published in book form next year. It is a major scholarly work, with hundreds of illustrations. Morelos also won this year's "Carlos Lozano Award", given to most distinguished young mexican graphic designers at the 8th International Poster Biennial in Mexico 2004, and had a personal exhibition at the Instituto de Artes Plasticas in Xalapa.

His friends tease him by calling him Jose Maria Morelos, as the famous mexican patriot and general of the independence war. To make things clear about his identy, he designed a poster pointing out that "Jose Ma. Morelos" is an "Investigador: pubico y privado", which you find by following the link to the winner's page above.

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