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News: St. Moritz posters in St. Moritz
December 23, 2004

The swiss mountain resort St.Moritz has just opened the "St. Moritz Design Gallery" in the underground parking Serletta. The gallery consists of 31 illuminated showcases and is open 24 hours on 365 days of the year.

The first exhibition from December 18, 2004 till mid March 2005 is called "75 Jahre Marke St. Moritz. Plakate" and celebrates the 75th anniversary of the famous logo created by graphic designer Walter Herdeg in 1930, on the initiative of his friend Walter Amstutz who was St. Moritz's publicity manager (Kurdirektor) at that time.

Amstutz and Herdeg are well know to graphic designers as the authors of "Who's Who in Graphic Art", and so is the curator of the first exhibition, Karl Wobmann, the longtime head of the poster collection of the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Zuerich. The Gallery is sponsored by Credit Suisse. Emile Cardinaux designed the poster on the cover of the catalogue in 1917.

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