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News: Hungarian Poster Association
received January 23, 2005 from Istvan Orosz, Budapest (HU)

Poster by Dora Keresztes Poster by Istvan Orosz

Let me inform you that the Hungarian Poster Association will start by 13 poster designers on 28th of January.

At the same time an exhibition will open in Budapest at the gallery of the Polish Institute. The exhibition will show the works of the 13 founders. They are: Jozsef Arendas, Istvan Balogh, Istvan Banyai, Ferenc Barath, Krzysztof Ducki, Andras Felvideki, Gyorgy Kemeny, Dora Keresztes, Istvan Orosz, Sandor Pinczehelyi, Peter Pocs, Vladislav Rostoka, Karoly Schmal. (please see the enclosed invitation card in Hungarian).

All of the founders designed a new poster for this event. I enclose Dora's (left) and mine (right).

Here are some more posters made for the occasion:

Peter Pocs

Krzysztof Ducki

Krzysztof Ducki

Jozsef Arendas

Jozsef Arendas

Vladislav Rostocka

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