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News: Sebastian Santana Camargo from Montevideo, Uruguay
March 2, 2005, received from Sebastian Santana

My name is Sebastian Santana, I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from South America.

I'm making posters since 1995, working in theater plays principally, and have a collection of posters about unexistent plays (actually there are two collections of posters in this site, one that is the internet version of an illustration exhibition I showed in a local art gallery in 2003, this collection is called "nonatos" (unborn); and the other is an art project I realized during 2002, when I published weekly images made with photoshop, this is called "illvminatis", published on a personal site,

Sebastian Santana's work - especially the unborn Epilogo at left for "King Lear" - reminds me of the complete set of posters for all of Shakespeare's plays that the romanian graphic designer Nicolae Corneliu showed me in 1991 in Bucharest. They were never printed, for economic and political reasons, but Corneliu made them nevertheless, without any commission, to satisfy his creative urge, to simply stay alive as an artist. You can argue if these are "real" posters, although they have the look and feel and size of a poster. Anyway, I have great respect of people who are not discouraged in their work even if it is not "published" (whatever that means nowadays).

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