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News: Man and God exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany
March 7, 2005

Joseph Foo, graphic designer from Malaysia, is curating an international poster exhibition "Man & God" during the conference Face to Face - Meet new impulses in graphic design - Malaysia and Germany at the Design Center Stuttgart, from March 10 - 12, 2005.

Man & God is a malaysian designer's initiative which involves designers and artists from Asia and other continents to re-examine the God question. Put together by an international team from various faith traditions, Man & God re-examines an old question in a new way at a crucial time. The exhibition is presented by Art4Soul / 3nity.

Formal reception on March 11, 2000 - 2300 at the Steinbeiss Saal.

Joseph Foo's posters below and the text are from Xiao Yong's book "International Poster Design 2004". The poster "I still believe" won an Honorable Mention at the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2004.

Photo Rene Wanner
Man's love God's love I still believe.
Two prominent figures of belief which personify power, love and hope. Though often represented by porcelain figurines which are fragile in matter, the spirit of their sanctity remains untouched and invulnerable. Such strength found in something so fragile.

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