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News: Driving a BMW from Warsaw to Brussels
March 10, 2005, received from Guy Schockaert

Photo Rene Wanner
Sign at the entrance of the ASP building
When the graphic design students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (the ASP) proudly refer to themselves as the "S Class", they talk of course about the BMW S Class. In case you have not noticed, BMW stands for the initials of their teachers Buszewicz, Majewski and Wasilewski.

They have an exhibition at La Maison de lšImage - Seed Factory, avenue des Volontaires 19 in Brussels (BE) opening on April 28, 2005.

Photo Rene Wanner
Niklaus Troxler points to posters of Majewski (left) and Wasilewski (right) on the bulletin board of the ASP

Photo Rene Wanner Maciej Buszewicz in front of one of his posters at the jury exhibition of the International Poster Biennial in Warsaw 2004 Photo Rene Wanner
Lech Majewski
Photo Rene Wanner Mieczyslaw Wasilewski, listening to an S Class student

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