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News: A little revolution in Krasnoiarsk, Russia
April 16, 2005, from Andrei Logvin's Life

Tonight is Museum Night in Krasnoiarsk. When the organizers briefed Andrei Logvin about the poster they needed for their exhibition "The taste of life, coffee, buns and a little revolution" they made it clear that coffee was a central part of getting through the night, and of their concept:

Not only is he event sponsored by the coffee company Italian Blend, but it takes place in the former Lenin Museum, which still has lots of exhibits smelling of Bolshevik gatherings in the emigrant Parisian cafes.

And today is also the opening of a photo exhibition Planet Football which reminds you of Pele, and then of Brazil, and finally of coffee.

At left is Andrei Logvin's poster, photographer was Vladislav Efimov.

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