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News: Leonardo Sonnoli's talk in Tehran
April 24, 2005, received from Majid Abbasi and Leonardo Sonnoli

Leonardo Sonnoli's poster for the talk
Detail from upper right

Leonardo Sonnoli gave a lecture on April 17, 2005, at the University of Tehran with the title "From left to right and back", following an invitation of the iranian graphic design group "The 5th Color" in association with the Visual Communication Department, Faculty of Fine Art.

His lecture presented the cultural roots therefore the history. It also represented the writing system therefore the letters. The topic is the history and the letters as method to design and presented in five chapter as follows:

  • Esprit de Geometrie: The geometric approach and the sans serif types
  • Backgrounds advantage: The importance of the 20th century art revolution
  • God save the types: The importance to know the own origin
  • Typo-Idea: Unreadable, three-dimension experimental
  • Letters to the sender: quotations, tributes and copies
"It is not interesting my work but the method I followed. Even if our two cultures are deeply different the approach could be the same. To go safely ahead it is necessary to look at our past to start an evolution of it, instead than a revolution. There is no tree growing without deep roots."

Leonardo Sonnoli showed his roots and source of inspiration.

Please see the 5th Color web site for more pictures, or Bijan Sayfouri's exhibition poster or the entry in the SocialDesignZine Blog.

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