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News: Mehdi Saeedi's new book
September 23, 2005

At left is the cover of the new book by Mehdi Saeedi:

Mehdi Saeedi - Collection of graphic works 1999 - 2004
Published by Mehdi Saeedi, Tehran (IR) (2005) ; about 90 pages, 17 x 24 cm, about 70 color reproductions of posters and 46 logos; softcover; ISBN 964-06-5955-X; in english;

With short introductions by Ghobad Shiva, Thierry Sarfis and Farzad Zadmohsen, and a two page biography. Mehdi Saeedi, born in 1979, is a leading representative of the young generation of iranian graphic designers and a stunning calligrapher who integrates traditional iranian visual elements seamlessly into graphically very advanced designs. See his web site for more samples of his work.

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