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News: Henryk Tomaszewski's death announcement at the ASP in Warsaw
October 13, 2005, received from Ewa Maruszewska via Majid Abbasi, see also In memory.

Here attached the street announcement (one of them!) about the death and the funeral, elaborated and signed by the Graphic Departement. I took the photo at the gate of Fine Arts (Akademia Sztuk Pieknych) in Warsaw, Poland.

It says, beneath the name in my poor translation to English:

Great Polish artist, professor at the Graphic Dept. of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, unforgettable lecturer and teacher, whose graphic achivements take place with the first ones in world's art. We are loosing the dear friend, high moral and artistic authority, wonderfull human being

I'm particularly sensitive to the expression about Tomaszewski's high moral authority that is what I feel myself when I'm thinking about him. I refere to him my value scale and still hear his voice condemning the "no purpose stupidity", lazyness, mental cowardice, intellectual dishonesty, etc.

But don't think that we didn't discuss or even quarell with him! My friends just told me (I must say that I had completly forgotten those facts) that one day I took off my shoe (wooden one, it was fashionable at that moment) and started to bang the table with it, just to be listened or understand with more care...

Ewa Maruszewska

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