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News: First Biennial of Iranian Typography Posters in Tehran, update
October 13, 2005, received from Ali Vazirian. Please see the Call for entries for more details about the Biennial.

Biennial poster by Mehdi Saeedi There are some news about changing program at First Biennial of Iranian Typography Posters in Tehran:

At first: the opening date of Exhibition is Saturday October 29 at 5pm. & Closed Friday 4 November 2005.

The second: Sooreh Art Gallery has been changed to Iranian Artist's Forum, Momayez & Mirmiran Galleries. Visiting hours: 10am to 8pm.

Winners ceremony at Ludwig van Beethoven saloon at Baghe-honar, Iranshahr Ave. / Tehran, Iran (Friday 4 November, 4pm.)

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