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News: Iranian Poster Exhibition in Ogaki, Japan
November 14, 2005, received from Majid Abbasi

Exhibition poster by Noboru Matsuura
Iranian Poster Exhibition in Ogaki
October 29 November 26, 2005; Kanazawa University
Ogaki Poster Museum, Japan

Noboru Matsuura, Professor of Kanazawa University and the director of Ogaki Poster Museum invited Iranian poster designers to Ogaki Poster Museum for the Iranian Poster Exhibition in Japan. The exhibition is scheduled to open on October 29, 2005 through November 26, 2005.

Five international invitational poster exhibitions were held in this museum since now, that the well-known poster designers will take part in it from all around the world. Prof. Matsuura organized three periodical exhibitions: Polish Posters, 1999; Chinese Contemporary Posters, 2001 and 65 years Cuban Posters in 2003. He is also organizing Iranian Poster Exhibition now. This exhibition was organized by cooperation of the 5th Color.

He says: "Iranian posters have been drawing international attention in these years. This is mainly because people are taking a great interest in the Persian and Islamic culture. In other words the posters symbolize the fantastic culture of a specific country. I always think "Posters are art and message" and have introduced the masterpieces of posters from such countries as Poland, the United States, ex Soviet Union, Germany, Finland, Czech & Slovakia, Switzerland, France, China and Cuba. For this time of particular occasion I am thinking to introduce the posters of your country, Iran."

The list of Iranian designers are:
Majid Abbasi, Reza Abedini, Farzad Adibi, Morteza Akoochekian, Tahamtan Aminian, Majid Azadmanesh, Edik Boghosian, Maryam Enayati, Vahid Erfanian, Siamak Felizadeh, Farhad Fozouni, Amirali Ghasemi, Ebrahim, Pedram Harby, Abdullah Kaviani, Ali Khorshidpour, Behrad Javanbakht, Saed Meshki, Morteza Momeyez, Davood Morgan, Alireza Mostafazadeh Ebrahimi, Iman M. Raad, Mehdi Saeedi, Bijan Sayfouri, Firouz Shafei, Ghobad Shiva, Farid Yahaghi.

The catalogue of exhibition was published by organizer. Please see the web site of the Ogaki Poster Museum for more information, and The 5th Color for pictures from the opening.

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