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News: Ahn Sang-Soo talk in Basel, Switzerland
December 11, 2005, received from Andres Wanner

Poster "Bomb fishes", 1991
Ahn Sang-Soo
The Hangul Typographer

Lecture 22. Dezember 2005, 17:00 Uhr

Hochschule fur Gestaltung und Kunst Basel
Vogelsangstrasse 15
4058 Basel, Switzerland

Born in Chungju, Korea in 1952, Ahn Sang-Soo is a leading figure in Korean typeface development and typographic design. He has invented a host of typefaces including one named after himself that break out of the square frame, which had been an inherent limitation in all Korean typefaces. Compared with their precursors, his typefaces have radical visual impacts.

He has fifteen books on design-related subjects to his credit and copious essays and papers. He holds a number of awards and prizes including a commendation by the Korean Language Academy for meritorious contribution to the advancement of Hangul. In 1983, he was selected as Designer of the Year by Design magazine.

His list of design achievements, both in Korea and abroad, includes the design and production of many major international exhibitions and over forty shows in which his work has featured. He regularly travels abroad to lecture on his projects and to promote Asian design developments and ideas. He is also editor/art director of the underground art-culture magazine Report/Report (1988-present). Ahn is also an AGI member.

Hochschule fur Gestaltung und Kunst Basel
Vogelsangstrasse 15
CH-4058 Basel
T 061 695 67 51
F 061 695 67 51 corn

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