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News: Viktor Kundyshev 1933 - 2005
January 12, 2006, received from Alexander Faldin

Alexander Faldin sent me the sad news of the death of the admirable russian graphic designer Viktor Kundyshev and the death announcement below.

Translation of the announcement at the Union of Artists in St. Petersburg: Russian art suffered a great loss. The Honoured Artist of Russia
Viktor Konstantinovich Kundyshev died tragically at the age of 73.
  Viktor Konstantinovich Kundyshev


  • 1933.05.09 born in Leningrad (RU)
  • 1949 - 1957 studies at the Lenigrad High School for Industrial Arts (LVChPU) under V. Kogan, T. Shevchenko und P. Buchkin.
  • Since 1963 participation in national and international exhibitions, for example at the Poster Biennial in Warsaw 1978 - 1988, Brno in 1982, Fort Collins, Colorado in 1983.
  • Since 1973 Illustration and book design for the publisher "Detskaja literatura", and poster design for several theaters in Leningrad.
  • 1985 - 1991 Participation in competitions and exhibitions of political, social and ecological posters, and Perestroika posters.
  • 2005.11.23 dies in a fire in his studio in St. Petersburg (RU)
One of Viktor Kundyshev's poster appeared in the very first exhibition of the Poster Page in 1997, and I vividly remember a visit to his studio together with Alexander Faldin in 1994.

Some of my favorite Kundyshev posters

1975, The lark, theater poster

1977, The revolution and the theater, exhibition poster

1983, Leningrad

1990, Market - yes, but social security? Think it over!

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