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News: "Hundred years of dutch posters" at the Affichemuseum in Hoorn (NL)
January 14, 2006, received from Frans van Lier

1899, Ivens & Co. Foto-Artikelen
Poster by Johan Georg van Caspel (1870 - 1928)
The Dutch Poster Museum in Hoorn (NL) has an exhibition Honderd jaar Nederlandse affiches (Hundered years of dutch posters) from January 29 to April 9, 2006, with 120 posters from, among many others, Roland Holst, Von Stein, Van Caspel, Van der Hem, Berlage, Van Konijnenburg, Wijga, Hahn, Lavies, Ten Broek, Gestel, Jongert, Mettes.

Frans van Lier also has some news about his successor as chairman of the Affichemuseum:

"The new chairman is Martijn le Coultre, who is the ultimate name in posters in Holland. He is in his mid-forties, has the largest and most impressive private poster collection in the country, is involved in all poster-related initiatives in Holland and is a board member of all three other poster institutions in the Netherlands: Affichegalerij Den Haag, the future Museum of Graphic Design in Breda and the Reclame Arsenaal (the heritage of the Dutch advertising world) in Amsterdam. So through him our Affichemuseum in Hoorn will have a much broader scope, cooperating with all these institutions. We are glad to have him (and his co-board member of Reclame Arsenaal, Nick van Loendersloot) steer the museum in the future."

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