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News: Happy birthday Coctel Camaleon !
April 5, 2006, received from Jorge Garnica


A big hug and a big apologize for don't having any contact with you the last weeks. As some of you know, for now I'm working at La Maquina del Tiempo as assistant of Alejandro Magallanes, and as I supposed to, the work is hard -but funny and enjoyable- and I had a quiet time to finish some of my personal things.

To my partners in the design project: I'm talking to the Puebla's Culture Office because there is a possibility for print and distribute our posters in libraries and/or schools in all the state. About the second project, Renato, Alejandro and me are planning the specific topic, but a certain thing we have is that it will be about polithics.

But the principal point of this message, is to notify you about the first anniversary of the weblog (last Marh 29th, and my bday is April 7th). At first, I planned to write only a post for this, but my friend and partner Santiago, designed for me an image. Then, he give me the idea to ask to you images to celebrate the blog's anniversary with a gallery.

Theme is the anniversary of the weblog, you can do it about me or not, but it's necessary about poster and it's internet diffussion with the weblog. This time I won't be so hard -hehehe- and you can make the images as you like or you can. I'll make a special gallery with this images. You have two weeks to send to me your images (until April 15th).

Size format 2:3 (for example 60*90cm), jpg RGB 200 ppp, 20cm for the longest size.

Well, thank you very much and I hope all of you will participate in this.

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