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News: Posterland exhibition and workshops in Brussels
May 5, 2006, from Teresa Sdralevich

Exhibition poster by Olivier Wiame

Posterland is an exhibition of posters by Alejandro Magallanes, Sandy K., Teresa Sdralevich and Olivier Wiame. Four designers who struggle to let non commercial signs and visuals live in the public space. Imported from Berlin or Mexico City, seen in Brussels, their work is a declaration and a question mark.

For the occasion, three workshops will be held.
Posters issued from the workshops will be on show.

Espace architecture La Cambre
Place Flagey, Brussels, Belgium
5/12 - 6/11/2006
From wednesday to sunday,
12.00 - 19.00

  Le pays des affiches

Posterland est une exposition d’affiches d'Alejandro Magallanes, Sandy K., Teresa Sdralevich and Olivier Wiame. Quatre createurs qui font exister dans l’espace public urbain des images et des signes non mercantiles. Importees de Berlin et Mexico City, vues a Bruxelles, leurs affiches affirment et interrogent.

À l’occasion de cette exposition, des workshops sont organises. Les creations des workshops seront egalement exposees.

Lieu :
Espace architecture La Cambre
Place Flageyplein, Bruxelles
12/5 - 11/6/2006
Du mercredi au dimanche,
de 12h a 19h
Entree gratuite

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