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News: Poster exhibitions for Graphic Design Day in Guayaquil, Ecuador
May 7, 2006, from Maria Mercedes Salgado, graphic designer in Ecuador and Paris

Poster by Pablo Iturralde
"A lot of esthetics, a little ethics"
The graphic designers from the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, celebrated "el dia internacional del disenador grafico" on April 27 by organising a poster competition and showing the results in a series of exhibitions:

May 3 to May 13 at the Universidad Casa Grande
May 15 to May 20 at the Universidad Santa Maria
May 22 to May 28 at the Riocentro Los Ceibos

More details, and pictures and posters are on

My favorite poster from among those shown by Belen Mena, Connie Hunter, Sandro Giorgi, Manuel Martin, Maria Loor, Oswaldo Terreros, Pablo Iturralde, Peter Mussfeldt, Raul Jaramillo, Romulo Moya, Jose Daniel Santibanez, Daniel Olmedo Aviles, Rommy Rodriguez Armendrariz, Dario Arauz Calle, Oswaldo Saenz de Viteri, Daniel Olmedo, Daniel Nogales, Wanda Calix Ponce and many students is the one at left, by Pablo Iturralde.

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