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News: Where the Litfass columns sleep
June 10, 2006

In Cracow, Poland, the city rents public advertising space to the poster publishing companies by the day. If there is nothing important to advertise, like an election, or the recent visit of the pope, the Litfass columns stay at home in a garden suburb of Cracow and save their master a lot of money by sleeping or just talking quietly to themselves.

The polish poster specialist Krzysztof Dydo showed me this romantic place, it's exact location is 49.98774 / 19.96764 / 318 .

Photo Rene Wanner

Photo Rene Wanner The poster showing Pope Benedict XVI was designed by Wieslaw Grzegorczyk and posted in an edition of 5000 during the pope's visit to Cracow.

Photo Rene Wanner

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