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News: Posters for the liberation of Namibia
June 13, 2006, from Balz Wanner

Posters in the struggle

Images and audiences in the history of Namibia's liberation
Exhibition of the History Department of the University of Basel with collections of the Basler Afrika Bibliographien

2006.05.31 - 2006.07.09
Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Klosterberg 23, Basel, Switzerland

The "Basler Afrika Bibliographien" is, to my knowledge, the only institution to specialize in african posters, and have a collection of about 1000 african posters with a broad subject range. Their latest project, well described on a web site made for the purpose, catalogues, discusses and exhibits political posters from Namibia, involving students from Namibia and Switzerland. The exhibition will be shown later in Windhoek.

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