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News: Cassandre exhibition in Geneva (CH)
received July 13, 2006 from Galerie 123

Original Posters by A.M. Cassandre
Gallery and on line Exhibition
from 13th July to 31 August 2005
Galerie un deux trois, Geneva, Switzerland
"The poster artist plays the role of the telegraphist: he doesn’t create the message, he transmits it. No one asks for his advice, we only ask that he makes a clear, powerful and precise communication.
A poster must carry in itself the solution to 3 problems: optical, graphic and poetic."
Cassandre in his “Notes” 1935

Cassandre A.M. pseudonym of Adolphe Marie Mouron (1901-1968)
French graphic artist, poster artist, theatre decorator, lithographist, painter, typographic creator and the great precursor to cubism in poster design.
Galerie un deux trois has the honour of presenting old original posters by this master of Art Deco, three of which are particularly rare: “Etoile du Nord”, “Nord Express” and “Wagons Lits Cook” they are avant-garde posters publicising train travel.
Also included are 4 different versions for the aperitif “Bonal”, 2 touristic posters “Italia” and “Venezia”, and several small size advertisements on cardboard for the famous “Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet”.

Visit us at the gallery or on our website
This exhibition is a unique occasion to discover and to buy these old and rare original posters.
The gallery is open to a wide public, ranging from collectors to the simply curious.

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