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News: Israel-Lebanon conflict
July 27, 2006

Please see Wikipedia for some background information on the conflict. Below are visual comments from graphic designers:

Thierry Sarfis, France

Dimitris Arvanitis, Greece

Pawel Swiecicki, Poland

Touraj Sabery Vand, Iran

Nazanin Tamaddon, Iran

Alireza Siddighi, The Netherlands

Gilles Dupuy, France

John Emerson, USA

Ioannis Fetanis, Greece

Caglar Okur, Turkey

Taber Calderon, USA

Metin Akin, Turkey

Siavash Fani, Iran

Lahav Halevy, Israel

Lirijon Kadriu, Kosovo

Jose Luis Hernandez Diaz "Chepe", Mexico

Joubeen Mireskandari, Iran

"2xGoldstein", Germany

Yossi Lemel, Israel

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