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News: Wanted - Posters on immigration
August 4, 2006, received from The Center for the Study of Political Graphics

1999, Anon, Welcome to America - Think again   The Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) is updating its Immigration exhibition No Human Being Is Illegal! Posters on the Myths and Realities of the Immigrant Experience, last displayed in Los Angeles in 1999. CSPG is asking artists, organizations and activists for poster donations to renovate this exhibition and help it circulate in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...” The disparity between the eloquent promise on the Statue of Liberty and the increasing attacks directed against immigrants is enormous. Whether against the Irish or Chinese in the nineteenth century, the Japanese interned in the 1940s, or Mexicans, Central Americans and Middle Easterners now, discrimination based on race, class, language, and culture has unfortunately been consistent.

The 21st century now brings us both legal attempts to criminalize immigrants—in HR 4437, and vigilante attempts to thwart and punish—as with the Minute Men. But we have also recently seen the largest demonstrations in U.S. history, as millions of immigrants and their supporters have taken to the streets to show solidarity.

No Human Being is Illegal is an exhibition about discrimination and prejudice, but it is also about hope, commitment and determination. It is reclaiming the power of art to communicate and inspire people to act to make a difference.

Criteria for posters CSPG collects: 1). It must be produced in multiples such as silkscreen, offset, stencil, litho, digital output etc. 2). The poster must have overt political content.

If you would like to to donate posters, please contact:
Center for the Study of Political Graphics
8124 West Third Street, Suite 211
Los Angeles, CA 90048-4039, USA
tel: 323.653.4662 , fax: 323.653.6991

With more than 50,000 posters, the Center for the Study of Political Graphics has the largest collection of post World War II posters in the U.S. Through traveling exhibitions, online photo albums, internships, and volunteer opportunities, CSPG is reclaiming the power of art to educate, agitate and inspire action.

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