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News: Simrit Brar - designer of Bollywood posters
August 5, 2006, received from Simrit Brar

Poster by Simrit Brar for the movie Lagaan (2001)   Simrit Brar reminded me of a less well known part of the poster world. She writes: I wanted to draw your attention to the work I do. I worked as one of the leading poster designers in Bombay with the film industry Bollywood for some years. I thought some of that work would be interesting for your site. Bollywood is the film industry in India and it produces the highest number of films every year. There are many idiosyncrasies in the form of our cinema as well ... each film has romance and song and dance sequences. The film stars in India are the biggest celebrities, they have temples built for them too!

Some of her work, including the poster at left, was shown at the Victoria & Albert museum in London in an exhibition Cinema India, the art of Bollywood in 2002, representing the new era of Indian cinema and posters in the last 25 years. The traveling exhibition is still touring the world.

More of Simrit Brar's posters can be found on her web site

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