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News: Images at War - Graphic Art in the Namibian Liberation Struggle
August 20, 2006, from Giorgio Miescher, Head of the poster collection at the Basler Afrika Bibliographien, Basel, Switzerland

"Images at War: Graphic Art in the Namibian Liberation Struggle", Katutura Arts Centre in Windhoek, Namibia, 25th August to 8th September 2006.

The exhibition is part of a joint Namibian-Swiss project on images and audiences in the Namibian liberation struggle and was first shown in Basel, Switzerland. It will travel afterwards to other namibian cities.

One-day Workshop "Art and Culture in the liberation struggle", taking place at the Katutura Arts Centre in Windhoek, 5th August. Participants from Namibia and Switzerland will attend the workshop.

More information can be found on

The poster at left is taken from the catalogue of the exhibition Posters in the struggle, Images and audiences in the history of Namibia's liberation, May - July 2006, Basel, Switzerland.

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