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News: "Poster day" at the Golden Bee Biennial in Moscow
August 23, 2006, from Sergei Serov

The following text is a translation by Babelfish of part of a column that Sergey Serov wrote for the russian design Magazin KAK on August 18, 2006. Please see the original web page for the full article.

Sergey Ivanovich Serov with its unique role in the national and world graphic design, many-sided activity and scale of personality is plotted not in what headings, except author's.


In this year in the program to Bienniale are provided special subject days in accordance with the competitive nominations of "gold bee 7": the "day of poster", the "day of the book", the "day of calligraphy".

5 September - "day of poster".
During this day from the morning to the evening in TSDKH they will pass lectures, the master- classes, the presentations, dedicated to main theme to biyennale - poster. Beginning into 12:30. In 12:00 takes place the official discovery "design and polygraphy". So that immediately after discovery - everything into the concert film hall! For the people of the nonlocalized: it is located on the antresol'nom floor TSDKH As the first on the "bottom of poster" will come out Igor Maystrovskiy (Canada - Russia). Then David Tartakover (Israel), possessor Boundary- with "gold bee 6". They were represented on past Thursday. After them Rene Wanner from Switzerland, who holds the resource on poster best in the Internet. Remarkable researcher, collector, the unique expert of world poster. Not without reason St. Petersburg designer Aleksandr Faldin dedicated to it his poster.

This spring of Rene Wanner was the member of international judges in Kharkov, on the "4th block".

Now here it arrives to Moscow, it will make a report. Then with the secrets of workmanship and creative success completely gratis, i.e., for free, will share with those all desiring designers To "ostengruppe": Erik Belousov, Igor Gurovich, Anya Naumova and Dima Kavko (most modest graduate OF VASHGD, on the photo to the right).

Oleg Veklenko will describe about international triyennale of the ecological poster "4th block", Olga Severina - about the Kharkov youth projects.

And in conclusion - Vladimir Lesnyak, the President of the union of the designers of the Ukraine.

It will entrust to Moscow designers Ukrainian rewards for the posters of the action of the "Linea Grafica", dedicated to the 20- anniversary of the Chernobyl' catastrophe OF "KHKH chb".


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