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News: Tallinn 60 x 90 : 18 Fortune posters
August 29, 2006, from Serge Rompza

Exhibition poster by Katja Gretzinger and Serge Rompza

  We kindly invite you to the opening of Tallinn 60x90 :
18 Fortune Posters by Graphic Design students from the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Friday, 1.9.2006, 6pm, EKA Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia

Posters from

Keit Ein
Doris Feldmann
Igor Hobotov
Eerik Kaendler
Kaido Kelp
Viktoria Kiritchenko
Elisabeth Klement
Fred Kotkas
Roman Lihhavtshuk
Olga Logvina
Johannes Naan
Timo Ruhola
Toomas Savi
Kristin Vaein
Ksenja Vekshina
Elerin Velling
Helene Vetik
Sigrid Viir

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