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News: U.G. Sato exhibition at Galerie Rambow
September 27, 2006, received from Gunter Rambow

Postcard from Gunter Rambow
Exhibiton in Gunter Rambow's Gallery
Guestrow, Germany
14.10.2006 –22.12.2006

U.G. Sato calls his studio in Tokyo “design farm” and on this farm he is breeding wonderful posters for the ecology movement, for a world without atomic weapons – posters for a humanistic world. His posters can be seen worldwide and are very popular.

U.G. Sato admires the work of Savignac and I assume that Savignac is also his imaginary teacher. However, U.G. Sato has developed his own formative handwriting and his own world of ideas. Therefore his posters are an important position in the world of social posters.

U.G. Sato has been in Guestrow before to view the exhibition of his colleague Tadanori Yokoo and we are happy that he will come again for the opening of his exhibition on 14th October at 6 p.m.

Gunter Rambow

Prof. Gunter Rambow
Domplatz 16
D-18273 Guestrow
Tel. +49 (0)3843 686503

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