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News: Reza Abedini exhibition in Tehran
September 28, 2006, received from Reza Abedini

Exhibition poster by Reza Abedini
  The text on the exhibition poster at left reads, in farsi and english: This is the poster of an exhibition of selected posters by me : Reza Abedini | The title of which is AllOne | I write this notes to be reminded in coming years | This exhibition was opened on the 6th of the Mehr (Sept 28 - Oct 05 ) and held for a week in Vije gallery | The gallery is located now in No 19|3rd Alley | Arabali st | Khoramshahr Ave | and probably is still there | The exhibition held by the help of Vije friends and the support of Sarobon Company | And consists of my latest posters | I dont know when you will see this poster | But I would have designed other posters after this one ! Reza explained that the title of his exhibition, AllOne, is a play on words, as "One" has a double meaning in farsi: "Bodies" and "Alone". He in fact uses the human shape in many of his posters (see the examples below), but also wants to remain an individual graphic designer.

Some pictures from the opening, taken by Maziar Zand:

Graphic designer Leila Khamse in front of Abedini's poster "Reves de Sable"

Reza Abedini

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