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News: The birth of typography, talk by Reza Abedini in Tehran
October 31, 2006, received from Iman Raad and Rang Magazine

Lecture poster designed by Iman Raad, 2006
"Rang magazine" as the first electronic magazine for Iranian graphic designers convenes a meeting in which Reza Abedini gives a lecture titled Birth of typography from the spirit of calligraphy. The lecture will be held on November 2nd 2006 (Aban 11th 1385) in the Iranian Artists House.
Abedini has given similar lectures in different countries and, during many years of his professional career, Abedini has lectured about the role of Persian letters, their vacillation and development in his and other graphic designers artworks by means of giving examples. This is the first time such a lecture is held in Iran. This program is "Rang" magazine's first attempt out side the virtual world. The lecture starts at 17:30 in Iranian Artist House. All interested bodies can attend.

About Reza Abedini:
Reza Abedini was born in 1967 in Tehran. He has received many awards from such countries as Iran, China, USA, France, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Mexico, Korea, Poland and he also won the principal award of Prince Claus for all his efforts in graphic design, elevation and presentation of Iranian culture to other nations. He has been a member of jury, speaker, and instructor of workshops in various biennials, festivals and international gatherings in Iran, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar, U.A.E, etc.

About Rang magazine :
"Rang" magazine started its activities since March 2006 (Farvardin 1385). "Rang" is mainly active in graphic design through publishing news, articles, dialogues and interviews, etc. and encounters more than 400 visitors a day, about 10,000 a month mostly professional designers, artists, students and fans, and the statistics are growing on a daily basis.

Shahab Ashtari, Director of Rang magazine, sent me some pictures from the event:

The editor of Rang magazine introduces the speaker

A quote of Abedini's prize winning poster
The fugitive

Reza Abedini

The talk was cct beamed to another hall

because the lecture hall was packed

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