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News: Exhibition of french posters in Budapest
January 28, 2007, received from Marton Orosz

Poster by Michel Quarez

The Budapest Gallery has an exhibition "French posters from the last 50 years" from January 17 to February 18, 2007, curated by Alain Weill and introduced by Peter Pocs.

Exhibiting artists are:
Gruau, Malcles, Cieslewicz, Reiser, Mai 68, Savignac, Topor, Sine, Wolinski, Alexinski, Ungerer, Pierre Bernard, Zask, Curchod, Batory, Appeloig, Bouvet, Villemot, Folon, Grapus, Ferrari, Klein, Quarez, M/M, Widmer, Paris-Clavel, Andre Francois, Kiffer, Bazooka, Morvan, Excoffon, Le Quernec, Jacno, Dali, Mathieu.

Budapest Gallery, 50 ev Francia Plakatjai
French posters of 50 years

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